Beaver Drilling Whistleblower Policy

Beaver Drilling is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the conduct of its business.

One way we maintain this benchmark is through the Beaver Drilling Whistleblower Policy.

Hereby if any Beaver Drilling employee is aware of, or witnesses questionable acts committed by any individual associated with a Beaver worksite, they have a responsibility to report this activity. Questionable activities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial reporting
  • Violation of federal or provincial law
  • Unethical business conduct
  • Danger to the health, safety and well being of company personnel and/or general public
Beaver Drilling strives to be the best in the industry. If you witness a questionable act on a Beaver Drilling work-site, you have a responsibility to share this information. All submissions are completely anonymous and there will be no attempt to trace or register the sender’s email or identity. All allegations are taken seriously and will be followed up by Beaver Drilling’s board of directors.